Connecting & Building Community

In this episode of SecondWind With Joyce, my guest Marie Fratoni shares how she’s able to Connect & Prosper during this time of social distancing and grow her business. Tune

Practices for Aging GreatFULLy

...So you can live your best life NOW! Holley have always been connected with older individuals, even as a child. Becoming a gerontologist was a natural path for her. She is

The Secret Life of Dreams

Zoilita had a life defining dream when she was on a Vision Quest at 21 years old. The dream reoccurred for the next 27 years, influencing and impacting all areas

Healing Through Love

In this episode, Dr. Erica Goodstone shares tips for healing our bodies, our attitudes, our beliefs, our actions,our reactions, our choices, our decisions and how we can begin living our

Transform Your Mind

Thinking & Memory Strategies For Women Suffering Brain Fog & Overwhelm Many women, age 45+ begin experiencing age and hormone related changes that cause brain fog and overwhelm that adversely affect

Thriving During the Pandemic – Pt. 2

In this episode Joyce Buford continues her discussion on the emotional, mental, physical, financial, and environmental impact the global Coronavirus pandemic is having on us. Tune in to hear tips