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How to Uncover Your Hidden Genius in Just 6 Easy Steps

If you’ve ever wanted to be truly happy with the life you are living, then you’re reading the right article.  That’s because you’re about to discover my easy 6-step method for uncovering your hidden genius.

And the good news is that this method works no matter what stage in life you are in.

Read on…

Step 1: Getting Clear On You

Many people who’re new to becoming conscious creators of their lives don’t even realize that they need to do this step before they can start the journey.  And that’s why a lot of people who are trying to reinvent themselves end up failing or right back where they started – they’re missing this critical step.

You’ll find that this part of the process goes much more smoothly I you apply these tips and tricks:

  • Define your top 5 Core Values (if you don’t know yours please check out to get started)
  • Re-evaluate your dreams with your top 5 Core Values to see what would really make you happy
  • Post your top 5 Core Values somewhere you can see them so that anytime you are looking to make a decision you can align with your core values

Once you’ve gotten clear on who you are and what will make you the happiest, then you can move on to the next step…

Step 2:  Engage In Your Purpose

The next thing you need to do is Engage In Your Purpose.

When I first started looking to define my purpose, I made the topic quite heavy. I felt like it was something that was outside of me that I had to go find.  When I discovered it was a combination of my talents AND my passions, it made identifying my purpose super simple and a lot more fun!

In order to help you speed this process up for yourself, let me steer you away from these 3 mistakes people make when trying to define their purpose.

  • Looking outside of yourself to define what your purpose is
  • Not trusting that the things you are naturally talented at and passionate are your gifts
  • Feeling like because what you are good at is ‘so easy for you’ that you need to work hard to be successful and can’t just relax into the possibility of it being easy and fun!

After working with a client to uncover this we often take a look at whether a meditation or other spiritual practice can assist the client in learning how to tap into their own knowing of what is right for them.

Step 3:  Navigate Your Fears & Doubts

At this step you’re likely to notice lots of fear and doubt thoughts cluttering your mind. So, what you need to do is learn how to manage and maybe even eliminate that noise. And perhaps we can even start to learn how to think better feeling thoughts so we can get what we want even faster!

I’ve written a few other blog posts that talk about how I have overcome my fears and doubts throughout my life.

Step 4:  Implement Your Plan

After you get those fears and doubts under control it’s time to make a plan of action for how you are going to get from where you are now to living the life you dream about.  For each individual this can look completely different but breaking down the dream into actionable steps with dates for completion and setting you up with someone to hold you accountable will help you move closer to your dream with ease.

This is the part I love working most with clients to design because this is where we can be really creative about how we are going to achieve the dream.  It’s where I can help shine the light on the parts of my clients’ soul they have covered up throughout life.  Those moments of clarity and confidence are my favorite.

Step 5:  Uniqueness Is Your Key

Did you know it’s a good thing to be unique?

Did you get told as a kid to be “seen and not heard” or to “not stand out”?

What if who you were being in those moments was exactly what you needed to tap into now to live a life without limits.

When I work with clients through this stage I create a safe space to allow the client to share all of the parts of themselves they’ve kept hidden.  We work on healing those wounds that are left open as well as work to foster the qualities that make them unique.

Step 6: Stay Connected

During this step you need to focus on creating a community around you that is open to letting you be who you are.  This community can include:

  • Coaches
  • Mentors
  • Groups that support your interest (kayaking club or the travel club)
  • Friends (maybe new ones)

Working through these 6 steps can take as little as 90 days but for most people it’s year long or more journey. And this journey needs to be repeated every time you are at a stage of reinventing yourself.  The easiest way to make these transition times easier is to have a stable community of support. I’d love to have you find a home here with us.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the 6 steps you need to continually work through to Uncover Your Hidden Genius and start living a life without limits.


A Funny thing happened on the way to the Forum!!

This title was in a 1966 farce musical comedy film, based on the stage musical of the same name.

I like to use this title to describe life.

How many times have you been focused on doing a job or career or marriage or life, only to look back and see the Funny things that transpire from your journey.

This is my story about discovering my love for my radio show. I had gone to interview a publicist, but while there she actually suggested after our visit to think about being on the radio.

Since I had been married to a Television broadcast owner for 28 years, I just couldn’t connect with the idea. Some people would call that brainwashing!! The benefits of the two markets are common but have a much different listening impact.

Local radio is still a good medium and podcasts have really hit it big time for our mobile internet world.

My first experience on the radio was a quick 3 minute discussion of my upcoming workshop. BOY!! It is hard to describe the unbelievable discomfort I went through – nerves, fear, and self-doubt all happening on the inside of my body as the outside of my body and voice was shaking, inside and out!!

Long story short, Pam did put me on a radio show. It was a live weekly talk show as a regular guest. Then in a few months, she had me hosting my own 30-minute talk show on local radio Saturday mornings.

My point is this: Life is full of twists and turns on the way to life!! And many times those twists and turns are really leading to your talents and soon to be passions. But, if we are too quick to say “no”, we will miss the glory.

You must remember these things:

Change is good

Be Open to the new

STOP saying “NO” to life

Enjoy the journey

And then one day you will look back and say, “You know, a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum (Life)”.

Look for the 2017 release of my book, Effortless Happiness – How to find Your Voice and Finally Ask for What You Really Want.

Can you have Lifelong Intimacy?

What does transition look like when talking about our sexuality in midlife?  

Yes, You Can, Dr. Barb’s Recipe for Lifelong Intimacy, is an effort to keep women engaged in their continued sexuality, especially as it pertains to becoming menopausal and aging.  Dr. DePree, M.D., is a gynecologist in practice for over 25 years, specializing in midlife women’s health.

During this open and informational show, you will learn about the transition of your body with aging.  Even if you are single or married with limited sex, it is important to maintain the sexual part of your body for YOUR general good health.

On Dr. Barb’s website,, you can read blogs addressing many questions and concerns women have about their relationship with sex after 45 years, sex after breast cancer, sex as a single.

She uses these blogs in addition to other interesting information, to help you maneuver these transitions.

Let’s celebrate!! Good information complete with solutions are available for your healthy midlife sexuality.


Reclaim the Magic

What do you want your life to be?  Would you use the word, “MAGIC” when describing it?

You might think Magic is only for kids.  As an adult, there is no magic!!  Well my guest, Lee Milteer, author of Reclaim the Magic, The Real Secrets to Manifesting Anything You Want says you can still have and live a life of magic.

We are all made of energy.  She talks about the 5 Energies — Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, Financial, and Physical and the importance of learning how to manage these energies so they shape our lives.  And, even offers an opportunity to see her 5 video series addressing each energy.

In her book she dedicates a chapter to each listed magic:  focus, truth, intuition, prayer, meditation, forgiveness and attitude.

Basically, her book is the road map to creating that Magical Life that you deserve.  This is the steps Lee has implemented on her 20+ year journey.  She openly talks about her struggles and transitions.  What helped her move forward into being the successful woman she is today.

It’s always good to hear someone’s story.  Take what you will from her story and use the information to enrich your life.  I know I will.

Remember, what you focus on always expands.  Think positive and you expand positively.  Think negative and you attract negative into your life.

Your point of power in this life is this very minute.  You do not need to know how to reach your destination before you get there.  Just take action!!

Gift of Maybe

What about the Gift of Maybe? The author Allison Carmen tells me about the magic that using the word, “maybe” can have on easing and changing challenges in your life.

One day, while still experiencing her anxiety about the future, she went to her Qigong teacher for a lesson. She related to him of her woes and anxiety. He responded with this simple story which dramatically changed everything.

His story went like this.

One day, a farmer’s horse ran away. His neighbor came by and said, “You have the worst luck.” The farmer replied to the neighbor, “Maybe.” The next day, the horse returned with five mares, and the neighbor came by and said, “You have the best luck.” The farmer replied, “Maybe.” The day after that the farmer’s son was riding the horse and fell off and broke his leg, and the neighbor came by and said to the farmer, “You have the worst luck.” The farmer replied, “Maybe.” The next day, the army came looking to draft the boy for combat but he could not go because his leg was broken. The neighbor came by and said. “You have the best luck.” Again the farmer said. “Maybe.”

Sharing with my audience of the magic this word has had in her life—personally and professional—opens so many possibilities of excitement. Allison helps clients move through the uncertainty of today’s life, failed businesses, failed marriages, challenges in the world. Her message is this: In the face of uncertainty, Maybe it opens your mind and heart. It creates a little space for hope. It allows you to take a deep breath, stay in the present, and forge your own path.

Her book suggests exercises you can use to implement this practice of the Maybe in your life today. You can find out more at or go to to buy her book.

Focus on Authenticity

SecondWind Success Steps is a monthly resource opportunity for SecondWind listeners to become aware of the journey to change.  Joyce begins this SecondWind Success Steps discussion with the topic of Focus on Authenticity.   What does the word, “authenticity” mean.  It means living a life with a real sense of honesty and genuineness.

Since birth you have been adapting to your environment.  You have been influenced by people around you, the culture, and lastly by yourself.  Joyce speaks to each of these influences which cause you to be “Inauthentic”.   When you find yourself adjusting to your desire to be loved, to be accepted, and to be kept safe, we many times try to please who we are interacting with. Right?

But, when you adapt too much that you lose your uniqueness, your talents, and your spirit just so you can please others.  The day will come when you realize you have lost YOU.  Your talents, your spirit, and your uniqueness is necessary to create a full and happy life.  You must keep these gifts fresh in who you are.

We use tools such as negative self-talk which keeps us spinning with doubts and fears.  We create phony “Personas” to keep people from seeing just how wonderful we are for fear of rejection.  Does this sound familiar?

“The Mask I Wear” is activity you can do to uncover your public face vs. your personal face.

Mother Teresa Once said, “Honest and transparency make you vulnerable.  Be honest and transparent anyway.”

Author and speaker John Mason has so eloquently said, “You were born an original, don’t die a copy.”



Investment Insight from the Inside

My guest this week was Mistie Sandler, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones. Our main topic was women and money: How involved are we in managing our money to take us through retirement.

Mistie openly shares about her transition and why she believes this is such an important topic to get some clarity around before you are faced to be the “head” money manager.

Here are 5 Money Questions to consider.

1.    Where are you financially today?
2.    Where would you like to be in the next year?
3.    Can I get there?
4.    How do I get there?
5.    How can I stay on track?

80% of all women will be faced with money management in their senior years.  Many women will face this responsibility earlier as we see divorce on the rise.  And, many times we come to the money management situation without a clue.

You will find it valuable to listen to the questions and discussion as Mistie and Joyce share stories and experiences of the Money Game.

Journal Through Transition

Life is a choice……what choice will you make today?

On this weeks podcast, I talk with Janet Wiszowaty, retired police officer, Journalist, and founder of FamilyConnekt about the importance of understanding that Life is a choice.

We discuss Janet’s issues with PTSD that she developed after working as a first response with emergency dispatch. Janet tells the importance of finding positive tools, and positive people to help you overcome obstacles and transitions that occur in life.

One of the positive tools she used is Journaling.

Journaling is a great tool to help get rid of what we don’t need in our life anymore. It allows us a way to communicate our feelings without judgement. No one has to ever read it for us to heal, just putting it on paper gives us power over the past.

Listen in today and consider beginning journaling or maybe you have done it in the past and need to start it again.

Remember there is power in writing your thoughts!


Busting the myths about weight loss

People watching is a great past time.  But, what do we notice when we people watch?  Yep, body weight, which is rising every year!!  It is a serious problem.

This extra weight that so many people seem to be carrying robs us of our self-confidence, health, brain clarity, energy, etc.  The list of negative affects is extensive.

Laura Dion-Jones is a Pro-health activist, Certified Wellness Coach, speaker and author of:  Commit To Get Fit:  Find the Secret to Your Own True and Everlasting Weight Loss.  She shares her journey through losing 150 pounds and maintaining that weight for 13 years.  What are the secrets that she discovered in the battle of the bulge.

You will laugh when you hear me share my struggles in the name of health eating, but discover the mis-information we get these days about our foods.  How does it all go together?  What do I really need to be paying attention to to loose this belly fat and these bulging hips AND to return to energy, clear brain, productivity.

Listen in to Laura and I as we chat and laugh about our journeys around our bodies and the foods that keep us going.

Stress Less Live More

We all have stress that overtakes us from time to time, stress that comes with changes in our lives. Recently, I have been facing the care of my aging mother and it has caused me stress in ways I never imagined.

My guest this week is Dr. Rich Blonna. He is a world renowned expert in understanding how the mind and body work together in creating and managing stress. He is a noted writer and trainer in the area of acceptance and commitment therapy.

Dr. Rich explains that stress is a combination of 3 things:

  1. A potential stressor
  2. What your mind tells you about the threat and your ability to cope with it
  3. Response that kicks in if you feel threatened and unable to cope

We learned that stress is unique to each of us and we all handle it differently, as well as how our values play into our stressors.

I encourage you to listen to this phenomenal podcast so you can learn more about your values and how you can stay true to them and live a less stressful life.

What is Intentional Possibility?

Have you ever met someone you liked and appreciated, but didn’t know why this connection presented itself?

As you know, I believe everything in our lives has a purpose, even if we don’t understand it at the time.

I began a  friendship with Dr. Sergio Sedas  in 2008, when both of us attended Jack Canfield’s Business Success Conference.

I was impressed with his work in robotics. But, his transition was developing during 2008 while attending the Canfield Conference. He was moving into intentional possibility.

In his book, Intentional Possibility, Dr. Sedas informs us of the Power of Possibility in all of our lives. We do it without really knowing it is happening. It comes from the thoughts, to the creating, to the sharing, to the actual event.

In this week’s Second Wind with Joyce, Dr. Sedas shares his six-steps to creating possibility.

Click on the link above and begin creating YOUR possibility.

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